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Osteoscan, founded over 30 years ago by two of Adelaide’s leading endocrinologists, has already scanned more than 50,000 patients for osteoporosis and offers itself as your partner in fracture prevention.

We provide high-quality DEXA scanning by dedicated technicians using the latest generation of hardware and software. Additionally, all reporting is performed by experienced clinicians who incorporate both DEXA data and clinical information into an integrated report, which includes calculation of estimated future fracture risks. Reports can be delivered directly to your medical records software, in paper format, or both.  Patients have the convenience of choosing from our 3 locations. Our reporting system for bone mineral density testing gives doctors detailed clinical comments and recommends treatment.

The Vertebral Fracture Assessment allows the detection of vertebral fractures commonly seen in patients with osteoporosis. Along with the Bone Mineral Density report, the Vertebral Fracture Assessment provides a more complete picture of the patient’s bone health. Osteoscan offers a Bone Resorption Marker Test which helps the doctor determine how fast a patient is losing bone mass or whether the current treatment is working effectively.

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