Children & Teenagers

Developing and maintaining strong bones is a lifelong commitment. The building of strong bones occurs throughout childhood with the major build up in the pre-teen years. Maximum bone density is reached by the mid to late 20s.

The higher your peak bone mass, the more likely it is that you will maintain better bone health for the rest of your life.

This is why calcium is essential for children and teenagers; calcium is essential for good bone health. Your daily requirement of calcium depends on your age and sex.

For Children
• Promote healthy diet habits
• Limit access to soft drinks
• Encourage physical exercise
• Ensure adequate calcium intake each day – 3 serves of dairy

For Teenagers
• Increase calcium intake to 4 serves per day (1200mg) to account for rapid growth
• It is critical that bone density is increased at this stage of growth as it cannot be made up later in life
• Encourage physical exercise
• In girls, under-eating and extreme exercise can cause menstruation to cease increasing the risk of osteoporosis